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Creating Unique Stained Glass Art and Mosaics Since 2003

Since I was small I have been captivated by glass. My Grandmother collected it and her house was full of wonderful glass things.  Her sash windows were lined with colourful glass bottles and when the sun shone through them colour would pour onto the dining room table, mesmerising me.

Art is an investment yielding a much greater reward than banks and interest rates.

Throughout time all rich and powerful organisations, the Church and the Medici, have commissioned art as an indicator of affluence and as a sound investment.

Art increases in monetary value and also enriches our lives. 

To commission a stained glass piece of art is to give yourself a gift like no other.

Designed solely for you, your creative ideas can be brought to life in stunning coloured glass. It can be a window, or something to hang in a window, a lantern or a lightbox the possibilities are endless.

Stained glass brings joy, it changes constantly with the light. It is fascinating at night, when, instead of light shining through it, light bounces off it, revealing the many different textures and finishes to each piece. Captivating!

For All Enquiries

Telephone  07977 922162

Stained Glass Commissions

I can design and create work in any style from pop art, graffiti and tattoo through to classic traditional stained glass.

Stained Glass Classes

I run regular stained glass classes and workshops from our studio The Hut, 132-134 Albion Street, Shoreham Port, Southwick, BN42 4DP

Stained Glass Repairs

I am happy to undertake all stained glass restorations from household interior and exterior doors and windows to church windows

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