The light dances through the pane

Floods the room and reflects again

Transmitting, like a poetic refrain

It mingles, splits and dissolves again


The merging colours, that stand out

Are from a spectrum, that no doubt

Are wafting around the makers brain

Where the design of cut glass , are free to rein


A material that is robust ,yet brittle

Cut to window frames , that will fit all

From wood to plastic, and metal crittall

But give it a tap and you will whistle

At the gaping hole, that’ll make you bristle


You see, the fact is it’s a pile of sand

Silicon dioxide, heated to expand

Then merged in its molten form

To a glass, with colours to make it warm

And glow to the flash of a lightening storm


With the copper tape and lead betwixt

The coloured jigsaw is trimmed and fixed

But when the sun catches the glass

The blues and greens and dazzling tones

Blend and twinkle like precious stones


The artist vision is now complete

With all the colours of a parakeet

This amorphous solid is never set

It moves around, but better yet

With age it brings some changing hues

And beauty that you cannot choose